What: Sure We Can is more than a redemption center, it will become a community sustainability center

Founded in 2007, Sure We Can is New York City’s only licensed, not-for-profit, homeless-friendly redemption center that provides canners a safe place to store, sort, and sell the cans and bottles they collect. But, it is much more than a redemption center, it is a community asset and resource. Despite their diverse backgrounds, the Sure We Can Community is united by the precariousness of their work and their desire to bring environmental awareness to the community at large.


Sure We Can and OIKOS are currently working towards a ‘Vision Plan’ that not only secures their current site at 219 McKibbin Street, but also introduces a large-scale composting initiative, a teaching garden, rainwater harvesting, composting toilets, a gathering space and a community learning center utilizing re-purposed and recycled materials and off-the-grid technologies. These innovative capital improvements will not only contribute to the canning community that it directly serves, but to the local community of Bushwick and New York City at large.

Through a series of community and stakeholder workshops, the dedicated team at Sure We Can will propose a host of programs and resources to the community and will ask for feedback, responses, fresh ideas and insights. These workshops will inform and strengthen Sure We Can’s vision of creating a place for learning and sharing for the entire neighborhood, from sustainability-based field trips for school children to income generation for the most vulnerable members of our city.