Via is a quickly growing technology company that provides a digital ride sharing mobile app in New York City and Tel Aviv. Their rapid expansion in the last year has landed them in a temporary swing space until they move to their new office in Soho.


OIKOS strategically planned both their swing space and future office. We met with key players at the company and conducted a workplace survey to gain buy-in on the new plan with their team.  Simultaneously, OIKOS worked with the management company and building owners at VIA's new HQ location to ensure that all design, strategy and furnishings could work well in both spaces. 


OIKOS provided their team with a flexible furniture layout that reflects their bohemian office culture. Our design offers multiple types of spaces -- from typical enclosed conference space to hangout lounge space -- all with furniture that was simultaneously test-fitted and re-purposed for their new space. In this way OIKOS provided a cost effective, flexible design for both their current and future needs.