The Problem: a lack of access to the essential tools for self-empowerment

As technology advances, the divide between those with access and those without grows, exacerbating global income inequality. A large proportion of the world’s poor are living in fragile states, largely in Africa. Slow growth in rural areas will continue to prompt large-scale migration to ill-equipped urban areas unless resources can be more equitably accessed and distributed.

The concept for ‘Forum’ is both an online and physical platform for maximizing local cooperation and resources while connecting rural/under-served people to global markets and information.

Our Vision:  to bridge the gap between global information and local knowledge

We will link the house to the globe through telecommunication technologies and open it to the public in a ‘forum’ as the pilot project for a reproducible model. This house will act as an ‘entire world prosthetic,’ where to be in the interior of the house is to be in the modern global public. We pursue the ambition of individual empowerment through membership in the globalized world resulting in the communal good. We envision a vast network of these ‘forums’ as an act of inclusion -connecting these rural spaces to the global.

Our Mission: to create a space for connectivity and knowledge transfer

A network of individual forums in unused homes in remote and under-served locations where people can engage in time and resource saving activities locally such as errand sharing, bartering, labor trading, skill sharing and connect the local entrepreneurial efforts to global investors, markets and industry peers for knowledge exchange.