The Power of the Collective: A Real Estate Investment Co-op

On April 28th, OIKOS and our collaborator Sure We Can presented a vision for Sure We Can's site at the kick-off meeting of New York City's 1st Real Estate Investment Cooperative. We were surprised by the overwhelming turn out for the event and interest in the idea of sharing investment in property. People spoke about  the difficultly and frustration many New Yorkers share trying to preserve their culture and lifestyles as their neighborhoods are developed by individuals and corporations with no connection to them.

The Real Estate Investment Co-op was born out of those frustrations and peoples' desires to have power in the development or preservation of their neighborhoods. We presented with Sure We Can, because their organization has community and environmental sustainability at its core, and is at risk of having their lot sold out from under them to developers in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The organization is New York City's only nonprofit redemption center for canners, people who collect bottles and cans on the street for a living, and provides economic and emotional security to a marginalized group of New Yorkers. Below is our presentation of the project with Ana De Luco, Executive Director of Sure We Can.